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Service Blazer is currently in Beta. You might lose data if you use it. Please report any problems using any of the feedback links on the bottom of each page.

Hi, I'm Tim Bendt, I designed and developed this website. It's an application I built because I wanted to scratch my own itch. I got sick and tired of juggling customer service complaints and keeping track of what everyone promised but didn't deliver. It's a personal project, but I hope you find it useful. I'll try to keep things clean and functional around here.

I'm sorry you have to sign up for yet another account to use this site. (OAuth support coming soon.)

This software is provided as-is. I will make my best effort to keep your data secure. I offer no guarantees about what the software does and does not do. I might use aggregated and anonymized versions of the data you enter here for marketing or sales purposes. I will not sell or release your name or email address to anyone. I don't send spam.

Better Terms and Conditions coming soon.


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